Homework – Is It Necessary?

It seems that homework has recently become controversial – is it good or not? In reality, the debate has been around for a very long time. In the late 19th century, and very early 20th century, homework was considered “bad” and California even went to the extent of passing a law in 1901 abolishing homework...

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Why Are Boring Tasks Important?

“Boring” tasks are important to teach persistence and discipline in a world where children are exposed to a lot of high-octane video games, immediate gratification of all basic needs (hungry? Just go to the refrigerator and eat something – they don’t have to wait for a parent to go stalk a deer, kill it, skin it, then cook it), and continuous colorful and interactive toys...

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How to Evaluate Studies on Early Education

One can always find a study or experiment that supports one’s view. For example, even today there are societies dedicated to proving that the earth is flat (see References for link). Education, especially early education, is no exception. For example, there are some that say homework is bad for children and some that say homework is good for children...

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Newsletter January 2019

A huge THANK YOU to all our parents (so many of them!) who came out for our annual Trunk and Treat event. There was so much excitement in the air and those costumes on the children were just fabulous. So nice! It was clear that our parents and teachers put in a lot of work to make the children look sooo cute.

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Newsletter April 12, 2018

Welcome to the New School Year

Well, here it is again...a new school year. We are very excited to start the second year of our much-acclaimed curriculum and teaching methods. There are many new things that have happened. We have made significant improvements in our infrastructure (please see other articles in the newsletter), our curriculum, and staffing patterns. 
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