A Summer of Fun and Learning

The challenges of distance learning and social isolation this past year have been difficult for everyone, kids especially so. Many school-age children will be finishing the school year behind in their grades and lacking comprehension in core concepts such as math and literacy. Likely, this will be compounded with the retention loss that is typical during Summer break. Kids may be left to start school next fall more behind than ever. Fortunately, there is a solution! The Primeron offers multiple Summer Programs for children 5-12 years of age that can fortify children's understanding of concepts in which they might need a little help.

Let’s Learn!

Every day during our Summer Program, we schedule time for your child to catch up on materials introduced this past school year. We also take the opportunity to introduce new concepts, giving them a head start for the next school year. Our Summer Curriculum focuses on Math, Literacy, Science, and interactive STEM activities. In addition, you also have the option of picking between our Math and Literacy "clubs" to further focus on your child's individual interests and academic needs. See below for details.

Let’s Make Friends!

This last year, we've kept our kids safe at home. Often, only seeing friends and classmates through a computer screen, missing out on the key socialization they need to grow and develop. While honoring current, socially responsible guidelines set forth by the CDC, our group activities partner similar ages and interests to facilitate teamwork, cooperation, empathy, and compromise. Sharing wins, losses, laughs, and maybe occasionally ice cream, provides your child the opportunity to make magical memories and lasting friendships!

Let’s Have Fun!

Summer is synonymous with fun! Our curriculum incorporates play and allows reinforcement of core concepts. Autonomy, eco-responsibility, and life-skills are introduced through age-appropriate cooking and gardening activities. Of course, not everything here is about learning, there's plenty of time for fun, too. Daily outdoor sports and games will make use of all that energy while providing valuable lessons in teamwork and in the importance of physical exercise and fitness. Let's not forget Splash Day, Olympics Day, Pajama parties, Ice Cream Socials, and so much more!


Math and Literacy are important parts of our everyday lives. If you feel your child needs to catch up with key concepts in mathematics, reading, or vocabulary, or wishes to prepare for next year while having lots of fun, then our summer clubs are perfect for him/her. We will group your child with other children who are working on similar concepts, thus encouraging team work and communication. In our MATH CLUB, real world life experience (time and money) will be used to reinforce mathematical concepts, offering a break from pencil and paper and a chance to understand these concepts on a deeper level. The LITERACY CLUB takes advantage of a group setting to encourage communication, use of new vocabulary words, and reading comprehension. If your child needs fun ways to catch up or move ahead, our focus clubs are just what you've been looking for! Please see detailed daily schedule below.