1. Family-Self-Care-GraphicThe practice of self-care as a family has many benefits, especially with the added lasting stressors that the COVID-19 put on all our plates last year. Being around each other for prolonged periods of time, job loss, managing working, learning and playing from home, technology issues, caring for those who are ill, in addition to current mental health issues, chronic health problems, media updates and more it is absolutely understandable to feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious as an adult and even a child. It is crucial to have self-care practices in place to care of yourself and your family’s physical, mental, and emotional health – which can reduce overall stress and improve well-being for the entire family!

    Self-care can be practiced in many ways, including:

    1. Talking about and labeling emotions
    2. Making time for relationships
    3. Practicing gratitude
    4. Spending time outside and prioritizing exercise
    5. Following a healthy diet and trying to sleep well
    6. Taking a break from media
    7. Practicing relaxation and coping skills

    Take a look at our self-care tip sheet for families with practical suggestions for you to try. Practicing self-care doesn’t require spending a lot of or any money but will make a significant impact on physical health, mood, and well-being.

    If at any point you are worried about your child’s emotions or behaviors, you can start by talking to friends, family members, your spiritual counselor, your child’s school counselor, or your child’s pediatrician/family physician about your concerns. Take a look at our First Steps in Seeking Help Fact Sheet.

    For additional information on specific mental health conditions or supports, please go to our Resources Page for Educators, or Teens/Young Adults. For additional resources to support your mental health as an adult, please visit the Mental Health Association of Maryland website.

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It is crucial to have self-care practices in place…