The Elevon Mission and Vision

Our mission is to educate our children to their maximal potential – everyday! We achieve this by creating an environment that best prepares our children for elementary school and beyond. Starting with the principles for a strong future or our Five Principles outlined below, we instill these fundamentals to promote self-confidence and develop the physical, intellectual and social skills that inspire children to thrive.

The Five Principles

Security – Physical and Emotional

Both physical security and emotional security, provided by our loving staff, are needed to create a safe, nurturing, and learning environment.  

Great Expectations

How children behave and what they are inspired to achieve is directly related to what we expect of them.  At The Elevon we expect them to learn to their maximal potential - everyday!

Social Development

It is important for our children to learn, from an early age, how to interact appropriately and respectfully with their peers and elders.  Such emotional intelligence will serve them well in future endeavors.

Academic Focus

Whether children learn through structured play or traditional methods (we use both appropriately), it is essential their intellectual preparation for elementary school is not just adequate - but excellent.


Whether children learn through play or pedagogy we make it fun!  This includes engaging in play that is relaxing for the mind and physically challenging for the body.

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