We offer several programs for children from 6 weeks to 13 years old. Each program is tailored to meet their needs and foster your child’s personal and educational growth regardless of their age.


The Elevon provides a secure, comfortable, and loving environment where your baby can grow. We focus on keeping your baby busy and stimulated. Babies begin to assimilate language around six months of age and associate words with objects – so it is essential they get maximal visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation. We are happy to individualize child care for each infant based on his/her schedule and nutritional needs.


Toddlers are unique in their curiosity and are beginning to discover what their hands, fingers, feet, and minds can do. At The Elevon these inquiring minds are generously exposed to language and reading, building activities, mathematics (e.g. numbers), and practice of fine motor skills to help them write and draw as soon as possible. Outdoor learning and physical activity is also encouraged.


Our Preschool-Prekindergarten program is not merely child care – it provides a rigorous and structured exposure to fundamentals such as vocabulary, mathematics, and reading. Such teaching is accomplished through a fun and seamless combination of structured play and traditional teaching methods. Creative expression through arts and crafts is an integral part of their day. They also engage in daily physical activity in our large outdoor playground.


The Elevon provides spacious classrooms for elementary school students who join our Before & After school program. Activities are organized around various learning centers, and we also help them with their homework as necessary. After being in a structured environment all day, the children need to expend physical energy and are allowed to do so as soon as they arrive. After their outdoor romp, they settle down to various projects, homework, or tutoring in any needed subject area.

Our Before-After Programs mirror the school year calendar. Please call us to find out which elementary schools our bus will be visiting to pick up children.

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