Elementary School Virtual Learning Program

Parent, Professional, Housekeeper, Chef - and now full-time teacher as well? Life can be quite the balancing act these days!

For many parents, the question in these difficult times is - how do you keep your family healthy and safe, while still nurturing both their emotional and academic needs. Considering the 2021 school year will likely continue with Distance Learning, both parents and kids could benefit from a little help.

The Elevon to the rescue!

Here are some highlights of our program.


Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance at The Elevon. We adhere strictly to CDC guidelines for social distancing and all children and staff must wear masks at all times.  Our other safety features include:

  • Large classrooms for social distancing
  • Dedicated materials for each child
  • All surfaces routinely disinfected throughout the day
  • Daily health and temperature check upon arrival using a touch-less Infrared Scanning system

Ready To Learn!

In these uncertain times, we are asking our children to adjust to so many changes. It’s no surprise that many need a little extra help staying on track with their studies. Luckily, at The Elevon, we have just the answer to keep them motivated and engaged!

  • Experienced Teachers to help with classwork and homework
  • Quiet classrooms to minimize distraction
  • Structured breaks and activities throughout the day
  • Flexible enrollment of 1-5 days a week

Excited To Play!

Kids get stressed too! Change and uncertainty can lead to some very grown–up anxiety.  We know the value in taking a break sometimes and just being a kid. From ice cream socials to dodge ball games, your child will always be excited to answer the question “So how was school today?”

More for your child to love...

  • Expansive outdoor play area
  • Two scheduled recesses each day
  • Kid-approved, nutritious breakfast and afternoon snack each day
  • Fun and interactive learning adventures daily

We understand and sincerely appreciate the hardships that families are going through - not only logistical but also financial. Thus, we are offering affordable tuition rates for our program.

Please call us at (410) 672-8004 for more details.

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