Our First Newsletter

Welcome to The Elevon! We just acquired this center in February and are very excited to meet all our new parents, children, and staff. We had a very informative first meeting with all our parents where we answered all their concerns and questions. We will periodically have newsletters published on our website moving forward when significant events are occurring or are planned. Of course, for our existing parents, we will continue to inform them via our electronic communication modes as well. As we move forward, we are confident that parents and children will embrace our dedication to teaching our children to their maximal potential every day.

Priorities for the First Year

Over the first year we will be working hard to improve the center on multiple fronts.
First, we will, and have already started to, improve the infrastructure. In fact, we have already installed the latest phone systems to enhance the efficiency of communication between classrooms and the front desk and between classrooms themselves. We plan to install the latest and fastest computers to serve parents, staff, and children more efficiently. We will be switching completely to the cloud and offer electronic access to useful information – including daily child reports. Additionally, later in the year, we also plan to upgrade some aspects of the building.
Second, and more importantly, we will be implementing our educational program. We provide an academic and structured program that is based on both traditional methods and play-integrated methods. This combination provides the context to develop strong basic skills such as Mathematics and English. We have had great success with our curriculum and are confident that it will contribute significantly to the academic and social development of our children.
There are numerous other additions and enhancements that we will be making as the year progresses, and we will keep you informed as we implement them. We are confident that parents, children, and staff will find the infrastructural and curricular changes to be comforting, useful, and extremely contributory to the children’s academic and social development. Once again, welcome to The Elevon!